Q: How do I acquire an exhibitor contract?

A: You must request one from show management.  

Q: Where can I find the contact information?

A:  Go to  Contact Us and submit the contact form.

Q: If I am an exhibitor, when will I receive my contract in the mail?

A: Exhibitors in good standing with show management will receive an exhibitor contract in September of 2017.

Q: Who is in charge of assigning rooms and exhibitor tables?

A: Show management has absolute authority to assign rooms and tables. Generally, we will assign you the same room/tables you had in 2017. However, we reserve the right to move you, due to circumstances beyond our control.

Q: What are my chances of entering the show as an exhibitor?

A: Very good! We have several rooms and tables open.

Q: When is the deadline for returning our contract with payment?

A: December 1, 2017. Contracts received after 12/01/2017 will be subject to room/table availability.

Q: How do I consign items to the auction?

A: Please contact

Mark Sypherd CAI

Aumann Auctions

20114 IL Route 16

Nokomis, IL 62075

217-563-2523 Office

888-282-8648 toll-free




Q: What is the normal check in time at the Sheraton?

A: Room check in is 3:00 pm. Be aware if you arrive on Friday you may not be able to get into your room until 3 p.m. Show management suggest to reserve and arrive on Thursday to be ready for the Friday 10 a.m. opening of the show.

Q: When can I load into the Versailles Ballroom, Davos, Alpine I & II, Zermatt, Lugano, and Bern boardrooms?

A: Load in can begin 7 a.m. Thursday February 1, 2018.

Q: I am an exhibitor with a trading room or tables, and want moved to a different room or different tables. What are the chances to being moved?

A: Granting request for location moves can be quite tricky for show management. First, we don’t just yank someone from their spot just to accommodate someones wishes. The most common reason for a move is after an exhibitor “drops out” of the show, then we can plug someone else into that spot, which opens another spot, and so on. However, as we get close to the show dates, due to advertising and brochure publication deadlines, the potential moves are difficult to make and guarantee the  inaccuracy of published materials. We can, and do move people, but it is not easy. When we do, we usually get someone who is elated, and someone who is upset with us.