2024 Exhibitor News and Information


Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at our show.

A few thoughts:

  • The third floor (lobby level) exhibitor rooms are perpetually full. Someone must give up their room for it to open. We have 20 or more vendors who have been waiting many years to get a third-floor room.
  • Second and first floors are available. They have less foot traffic than on the third floor.
  • 201-250 rooms are $65 show fee + $129 per night plus taxes paid to the Sheraton.
  • 101-150 rooms are $55 show fee + $129 per night plus taxes paid to the Sheraton.
  • Versailles ballroom and Matterhorn tables are $100 each for the duration of the show. There may be a few open.
  • Send the contract in with your check to get the process started.
  • We will start out with a $55 room, and we will upgrade you if I can.
  • We will contact you by phone when we are positive, we can get you in, to make sure we are both happy with the arrangement.
  • We will not cash your check until we get you in the show.

If you are still interested, email with your mailing address and we will mail you the paperwork.

If you can print out pdfs, we can email you the documents. (If we include them in this initial email, the email will likely end up in your spam folder, and you might never see it).


Darrell and Faye